photo © md / Roma, 012017

• It's official : FOG DOG will release its first album on CLEANFEED RECORDS next september !

• FOG DOG at Radio France for "A l'Improviste", produced by Anne Montaron - Radio Broadcast and video footage available in february

Hubert Dupont's GOLAN new CD release party at New Morning.

WOOD spends a week in Italy in order to co-write and record a new chapter of WOOD's new chapter in trio with Rita Marcotulli !

WOOD in Laval for launching the Salons de Musique's new serie.

• FOG DOG meets drummer Edward Perraud

photo © md

HAMLET at Théâtre de l'Ardoise !

• Soon on the road : the TRIO is about to play PAPIER JUNGLE
in France and Hungary during two weeks :

13nov - Arquenay
14 nov - Angers
15 nov - Angers
16 nov - Budapest
17 nov - Paris
18 nov - Le Mans
19 nov - Saint-Nazaire
22 nov - Toulouse
23 nov - Lyon
25 nov - Aix en Provence
26 nov - Avignon

photo ©

WOOD tour "Cosy for Tutti"

02.10 : Drancy
04.10 : Tours
15.10 : La Renverse, Saint-Froult
16.10 : LAMA#7, Saint-Fiacre
26.10 : Graine d'Automne, Nozay
27.10 : Barouf, Le Mans
28.10 : Les Assois Fées, Saint-Senoux
29.10 : Paris
30.10 : Dreux (tbc)

• Hubert Dupont's GOLAN at Sunset for "Jazz sur Seine"

photo © md


• SUN DOME,  FOG DOG's first album is now ready and masterised. Looking for a label !

• Testing new D'Addario clarinet mouthpieces, including handmade customs faits by Lee Livengood... Thank you !

• Playing music in secret places with Toma Gouband, Stephan Oliva, Samuel Blaser, Santiago Quintans.

• Preparing WOOD and Trio's octobre and november Tours

• Watching summer vanishing quietly, listening to Morton Feldman.


photo © Joan Cortes

FOGDOG plays in Le Mans

WOOD+Rita Marcotulli in Rome

La Diagonale du Cube celebrates POULENC in Radio France

• Some say it's summertime.

photo © md

WOOD is preparing a new album with guest Tom Arthurs !

• my Trio plays Papier Jungle in Nantes

photo © Christophe Alary

• Musicking & drawing Hamlet in Sablé/Sarthe with Sébastien Vassant

• my Trio plays Papier Jungle à Valenciennes

• Hubert Dupont "Golan Project" in Bagneux

• La Diagonale du Cube plays its latest creation : Le Tombeau de Poulenc in Nantes





photo © md

• A few days with Hubert Dupont et GOLAN in Middle East and Nantes

• La Diagonale du Cube records and plays LE TOMBEAU DE POULENC @ l'Estran

• Patrice Caratini celebrates 50 years on stage @ Théâtre du Châtelet


photo © md

• my trio plays PAPIER JUNGLE in Malakoff

• Revisiting Francis Poulenc w. Jean-Christophe Cholet & Alban Darche

• Celebrating Spring at Théâtre du Châtelet with Patrice Caratini



photo © md & Michael Vatcher by A.v Veenendaal


Beside new projects and collaborations, 2016 begins with ADIEU MES TRES BELLES at Radio France, HAMLET as a "Live drawings concert" and WOOD in Britanny.

Happy new year to you all.


photo © md

PLANETARIUM on stage with Albert van Veenendaal & Michael Vatcher in the Nederlands : BIMHUIS, Amsterdam / PLUSETAGE, Baarle-Nassau.

• L'ORPHICUBE d'Alban Darche plays two different concerts : "Perception Instantanée" et "My Xmas Trax" : L'ESTRAN, Guidel / LE PETIT FAUCHEUX, Tours.

• Le Caratini Jazz Ensemble at Studio de l'Ermitage, Paris for his Ciné-Concert BODY & SOUL + LE BAL.

• And a winter pic.

photo © md

Wood dialogues with sculptures

• Our Planetarium rehearses in Amsterdam with Michael Vatcher

Sébastien Vassant/Matthieu Donarier's duet : drawing & musicking in a  Cartoon Festival

• End of the wonderful "Salons de Musique" cycle in Nantes held by Sébastien Boisseau

• And a mailbox pic.

photo © md

Creation : "ADIEU MES TRES BELLES", with Poline Renou (voice) & Sylvain Lemêtre (percussions). 1st concert in Le Petit Faucheux (Tours, F)

• "GOLAN" , creation from Hubert Dupont,  w./ Youssef Hbeisch, Ahmad Al Khatib, Naissam Jalal & Zied Zouari - concerts and recording.

• Il MANIFESTO plays in Nantes (Santiago Quintans, guitar - MD, saxophones & clarinet)

photo © md @ home

• Back-to-work-after-summer. Listening back to a bunch of new recordings. Writing.

WOOD plays a "house concert" :  Salon de Musique à Nantes

Kindergarten at Festival Jazz aux Ecluses

Matthieu Donarier Trio plays "Papier Jungle" at Festival PAN!

• and new european reviews :

a czech one by Jan Hocek on,
a french one by Dom Imonk in la Gazette Bleue (p.41),
and a spanish one by Jesús Mateu Rosselló on TomaJazz.

photo © md / WOOD in FransumKerke, Groningen (NL)


• WOOD on the banks of The Loire and in Nederland

• Ex Novo @ Rendez-Vous de l'Erdre

• and sungazing a bit.


photo © md @ La Ferrière


• WOOD @ Festival Jazz sur Lie and on the seashore.

• Papier Jungle has been awarded ELU Citizen Jazz. With a long interview made by Nicolas Dourlhès.

• Free time. Playing. Writing. Travelling.



photo © john lurie / yolk records / anima


• L'OrphiCube d'Alban Darche @ Cité des Congrès de Nantes for Pannonica's 20th Birthday.

• Caratini Jazz Ensemble's "Grand Bal" in Reims @ Flâneries Musicales

• News chronicles for Papier Jungle, including a **** in Jazz Magazine - Jazzman !





photo © John Lurie / Yolk / Anima

PAPIER JUNGLE RELEASED ON MAY 27th ! This is our TRIO's third album, celebrating 15 years together. Recorded live @ L'Estran.

2 Release Party Concerts for PAPIER JUNGLE : double-bill with Alban Darche's HyprCub : Paris, may 14th & Tours, may 20th

WOOD @ Festival EuropaJazz , Le Mans

• One week of residence-création from may 7th until may 12th  for LE TOMBEAU DE POULENC with LA DIAGONALE DU CUBE (Co-Direction, compositions & arrangements: Alban Darche, Jean-Christophe Cholet & Matthias Rüegg) @ l'Atelier à Spectacle, Vernouillet


photo © LAMA


The LAB just finished its week of residency with a "house-concert" in the forest (and recorded by Thierry Rallet). Hurray to the LAMA !

PAPIER JUNGLE will be released within a month

• Rehearsals are going on for "Le Tombeau de Poulenc". Music from Alban Darche, Jean-Christophe Cholet, Matthias Rüegg and...Francis Poulenc.

WOOD in Reims for Festival Djaz 51

Jean-Christophe Cholet's PickUp in Vendôme


photo © Sébastien Vassant

• Rehearsals for the daring "Tombeau de Poulenc" with a brand new and many-headed orchestra : La Diagonale du Cube, led by Alban Darche & Jean-Christophe Cholet.

• J-Ch. Cholet's Pick Up will play in Bourges for hundreds of kids

Improvisatoire "Dessins et Musique", a duet wiht Sébastien Vassant (sv : drawings / md : saxes & clar)

• the TRIO plays PAPIER JUNGLE in Quimper

The LAB settles in brittany for a week of residency @ LAMA : rehearsals, masterclasses and concerts

photo © yolk records + anima productions + john lurie

• Matthieu Donarier's Trio plays "Papier Jungle" in Périgueux + 2 days of Masterclasses in Périgueux's Conservatoire.

PAPIER JUNGLE promo albums just arrived !
Digipack to be released in may on Yolk Records.

• Jean-Christophe Cholet's Pick Up in Chécy

• Writing music for the upcoming projects, including "The LAB" (with A.Grimal & K.Hochapfel), which will be welcomed by the LAMA's crew for settling one week (residency-creation) in Finistère (Britanny, FR)

photo © Albert van Veenendaal

Happy new year to everyone whatever happens.

• Reharsals and sessions in Amsterdam with Albert van Veenendaal and Michael Vatcher.

• Residency n°2 with EARLY / Le Jardin Intemporel @ La Fonderie with Poline Renou and Sylvain Lemêtre

• writing works for THE LAB, forecoming group with Alexandra Grimal and Karsten Hochapfel.

photo © Yolk Records / Art : Silvain Joblin

MY XMAS TRAX TOUR with l'ORPHICUBE d'Alban Darche : nonet and saxophone quartet w./ Alban Darche, Sylvain Rifflet and François Ripoche. Concerts,workshops and recordings

• Wood
improvises in in a secondary school in Nantes

Movie and music for BODY & SOUL , Caratini Jazz Ensemble 's new album based on Oscar Micheaux's film (1924)

and a Merry Xmas

photo © md

• Residency with EARLY / Le Jardin Intemporel @ La Fonderie (Le Mans, F) with Poline Renou and Sylvain Lemêtre

WOOD is preparing its second album and plays @ Festival Djazz de Nevers  + several concerts in unusal places in Tours and around.

• Revisting Serge Gainsbourg's first decades with Lila Tamazit, Sébastien Boisseau, Arnaud Lechantre, Jean-Louis Pommier and Guillaume Saint-James in Machecoul.

photo © annabelle tiaffay / anima prod

• WOOD invites Tom Arthurs !
One week of Concerts and recordings.

concert and recordings.

Alban Darche's OrphiCube @ l'Estran

• Mixing the Trio's forecoming album with Boris Darley

photo © md

WOOD @ Paris Jazz Festival and in Rouen

• the TRIO is about to record its third album (july 9th-12th) on stage at l'Estran : public recording on july 12th for the Festival Jazzminiatures.

photo © monique besten / cleanfeed records

The Visible Ones has been awarded a CHOC in Jazzmagazine/Jazzman's june edition.

• Festival "Bouche à Oreille" @ Bouchemaine : june 6th-9th.

• preparing the Trio's recording : it will take place at l'Estran, in Guidel. 15 years together. SRelease on Yolkrecords in march 2015.

photo © Annabelle Tiaffay / artwork Anima Productions

WOOD on tour !

03.05.14 Périgueux - Le Paradis
06.05.14 Tours - Le Petit Faucheux : WOOD invites  Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman. Soirée France Musique with Alex Duthil (Open Jazz) live broadcasting at Petit Faucheux + Jazz Club Yvan Amar.
13.05.14 Paris - Sunside : WOOD invites Jozef Dumoulin
16.05.14 Lausanne - Le Chorus : WOOD invites Pierre Favre
17.05.14 Arles - Festival Jazz in Arles
18.05.14 Marseille - Le Point de Bascule
19.05.14 Conservatoire de Perpignan / masterclass
20.05.14 Perpignan - Jazzèbre - Théâtre de Perpignan
21.05.14 Montesquieu Lauraguais - La Ferme du Rouquet
+ next months :
24.06.14 Orléans Jazz festival    
06.07.14 Paris - Paris Jazz Festival
24.07.14 Rouen - Les Terrasses du Jeudi     
01.08.14 Cluny - Festival Jazz Campus en Clunisois


photo © monique besten / cleanfeed records

THE VISIBLE ONES has just been released on CleanFeed Records !

This is our PLANETARIUM's first album - duet with Albert van Veenendaal
(piano, prepared piano) and myself playing saxophones.
Warm thanks to the Cleanfeed team !

• After having been reprinted in Digipack and distributed by L'Autre Distribution, WOOD is about to be re-issued on LP...coming soon.

• A new release on YolkRecords : PERCEPTION INSTANTANEE,
second album of Alban Darche's OrphiCube + two release parties in Paris and Nantes.

photo © md

• one month playing twice every weekend at Théâtre d'Ivry with the Caratini Jazz Ensemble + a three day tour in southern France
• Two concerts with Santiago Quintans : trio in Angers and duet in Le Mans
• playing with Stéphane Kerecki 5 in Dinard

photo © md

• a Berliner week : rehearsals at Ausland with Tom Arthurs (tp), Håvard Wiik (p) and Christian Marien (dr).
• rehearsals in Paris with the MD Trio (manu codjia- joe quitzke)
• playing at Choris (Lausanne) with Stéphane Kerecki 5
• Setting up "Il Manifesto" : duet with Santiago Quintans (el. guitar)

photo © md

Happy new year -

• the trio is preparing its upcoming 15th birthday
• one week of "recorded residence" in duet with Poline Renou

• on the road with Sébastien Boisseau, Pierrick Lefranc, Joachim Florent,
Francesco Pastacaldi, Lila Tamazit, Jean-Louis Pommier, Guillaume Saint-James,
Arnaud Lechantre, Alban Darche, Sylvain Rifflet, François Ripoche, Nathalie Darche,
Marie-Violaine Cadoret, Manu Birault...

• rehearsing avec Karsten Hochapfel

• and a merry Xmas.

• 3 days of masterclass/workshop with Pierrick Lefranc and Conservatoire de Laval's students

• rehearsing fresh writings with winds and strings
• and some concerts :
with Lila Tamazit in Pays de Loire, with Patrice Caratini in Metz and Vélizy, with Pierrick Lefranc in Laval.

• rehearsals for the upcoming projects, Trio and other chamber delights
• two concerts with Stéphane Kerecki, Emile Parisien, Benjamin Moussay et Thomas Grimmonprez, in Nancy and Fontenay/Bois
• Residence at La Fabrique de Nantes for a creation with Pierrick Lefranc, Joachim Florent and Francesco Pastacaldi

concerts :
• with Daniel Humair in the vineyards of St-Emilion
• WOOD at Domaine MOSSE and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes
• L'ORPHICUBE d'Alban Darche under a big top at Festival Jazz aux Ecluses
• with Stéphane Kerecki at Festival MünsterJazz

• Confirmed : the TRIO's next recording is planned for july 14, on stage at L'Estran (Guidel, France).

• rehearsals and concert woth Denis Charolles & David Chevallier for a Carte Blanche to Cyril Trochu at Festival "Les Rendez-Vous de l'Erdre" (Nantes)
• trio gig with Daniel Humair
• Writing, writing
• eating fruits

• Summer. Writing, writing. For our trio's 15 years aniversary, for saxophones
and cello, for voice and clarinet.
• Creation of latest Caratini Jazz Ensemble's project on Oscar Micheaux's film:
"Body & Soul", for Paris Jazz Festival.

• 7 gigs in 7 days with WOOD, including two concerts with our guest Santiago Quintans on guitar
PLANETARIUM has just been masterised by Pierre Vandewaeter. Thank you, Pierre.
KINDERGARTEN plays "Jardins, pour mémoire", its new repertoire at Orléans Jazz Festival
• Three days with Alban Darche's OrphiCube

• new album just released : WOOD, duet with Sébastien Boisseau :

got a "CHOC" in this month's JazzMagazine
• WOOD and KINDERGARTEN concerts: on a barge, in a museum,
in a Big top
• a trip to Arcachon and Bayonne with Caratini Jazz Ensemble
• one week residence with KINDERGARTEN, building our new repertoire
based on early musics from 13th to 16th centuries, then opening the
DOMO Festival at the end of the month.



• Santiago Quintans' Tip Trick Extended plays ORIGAMI:
Europa Jazz creation @ Grand Atelier, EVE (Le Mans) & recording @ La Fonderie
• Touring in duet with Manu Codjia : Europa Jazz au Lycée, 5 concerts
• Writing music for two saxophones and a cello
• mixing Planetarium, 2nd session

• Kindergarten and students composers from Le Mans' Conservartory
• MD Trio & Albatrosh @ Périscope, Lyon
WOOD invited by LAMA for 3 concerts in an row. Waow.
• Inauguration of Budapest Music Center !
• rehearsing and playing with Gabor Gado in Budapest.

• Solo concert at Auvers/Oise
• Mastering WOOD. Solid. Bravo David.
• Invited by Stéphane Tsapis for a recording session

• mixing PLANETARIUM @ Studio Sextan
• Alban Darche's ORPHICUBE concerts (Pannonica, RadioFrance)
• Caratini Jazz Ensemble (Les Lilas & St-Quentin en Yvelines)

Dragoon plays dec6th @ Triton for the Festival BleuTriton
• Caratini Jazz Ensemble -w./ Marc Ducret- @ la Dynamo, Pantin
• Two evenings at Sunside:  CD Release concerts w./ Stéphane Kerecki 3+2

• mixing "Wood" album , mastering soon : release in may 13.
• Kindergarten, one week in Pays de Loire : from nov12th to nov18th :
3 concerts et 4 days of workshops/masterclasses between Guérande & Le Mans.
• Trio plays @ Domaine Pommery  / Reims

• writing, writings.
• l'Atelier du Plateau fait son Cirque !!! Oct14th, beyond others,
E.Dabrowski-E.Perraud-M.Donarier trio + 9 circus acrobats
• Wood invites Tom Arthurs : workshop-meeting-rehearsals @ Yolk Studio, Nantes

• Résidence @ La Fonderie, Le Mans :
Gathering/Merging two groupes:  our duet Kindergarten & le trio
La Soustraction des Fleurs
(Jean-François Vrod, Frédéric Aurier, Sylvain Lemetre) : tbc.

WOOD & Alban Darche's OrphiCube on stage @ SaveursJazzFestival (Segré)
• 10 days of creation, concerts & recording of Alban Darche's brand new OrphiCube
• "La Partie Mobile" goes to  Festival "Les Nuits d'Eté" (one of the nicest summer events I know !)

• WOOD records his 1st album @ La Fonderie, Le Mans
• Sam Mary & Laurence Garcia just created "La Partie Mobile", travelling caravan for unsual artistic events

• Kindergarten le 2 juin @ "Les Amitiés Végétales" , Saline Royale d'Arc et Senans
• Stéphane Kerecki Trio+Tony Malaby @ Jazz d'Or Berlin , june 5th

• writing music for several projects :
WOOD duet, whom will be recording on july 12th-13th-14th
DRAGOON, tube quartet under construction,
writing also for a future collaboration with Tom Arthurs (tp) as well as arranging pieces from Erik Satie & last century's songs for the Trio.
• a particularly recommended spring event :
Festival "Bouche à Oreille" @ La Pointe, Bouchemaine, prox. Angers,  may 26th-27th. La Loire banks, gardens, pedestrian village and acoustic concerts everywhere.